MAN KAT1 A1 8x8 "Desert Challenger"

Extra-wide (2,9m) MAN KAT1 A1 8x8 with camper body.

Custom-built base vehicle.


  • Engine conversion (V8 360 PS air cooled to R6 600 PS water cooled!)
  • Gearbox modification
  • Changing of axle ratio
  • heated Separ filter (additional fuel filter and water separator)

VW-MAN 8.150 4x4

  • Wheel base extension
  • Construction of spring-supported intermediary frame for FM II with twistlocks
  • Construction of crawl-through
  • Mounting of 300L tank on co driver´s side
  • Mounting of custom-built 200L tank on driver´s side
  • Mounting of Separ filter, heated version (additional fuel filter and water separator)
  • Mounting of Zyklon filter
  • Conversion to automatic air dryer
  • LightPartz 7" Full-LED main lamps
  • 2x LightPartz LightBar attached to roof rack
  • Mounting and connection of DAB+-Radio + DAB+-antenna
  • Spraying driver cab RAL 3031 and add-on parts RAL 7016

Not displayed:

  • Outbound door DE-10 3P for FM II

MAN KAT1 A1 8x8 with cab Zeppelin FM II and crane Atlas


  • Construction crossbeam for loading crance and FM II
  • Mounting and connection crane Atlas AK3800 M1
  • Mounting FM II
  • Changing of tyre size to 16.00 R20
  • Modification of spare tyre holder to make it suitable for a 16.00 R20 spare wheel
  • Mounting of Outbound windows and door into the FM II
  • Full-LED head lights
  • Reversing camera

VW-MAN 8.136 4x4

Description to follow shortly.

MAN 19.440 4x4

Description to follow shortly.